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What's It Like To Live With Home Automation?

You may be wondering how home automation can help with every day life. Our guide to living in an automated home will have you wondering how you ever manages without it!

What's It Like To Live With Home Automation?

Arriving home

The gate opens automatically as you approach, it’s dark so the drive lights up, as does the front porch and hall way. When you unset the alarm the lights come on in the lounge and kitchen and your music starts playing.

Going out

As you set the alarm all the lights in the house switch off apart from the hall, all the music and TVs turn oft, the porch and drive light up and the gate opens. Two minutes later the hull, drive and porch lights switch off and the lights start to turn on and off in certain rooms as though you’re still at home.

Waking up

Your home wakes you up The way you want it to, maybe by playing music softly and dimming up the lights slowly, lighting the route to the bathroom.

Movie night

Getting the family together to watch a movie has become a treat in your home, with a single touch of a button the room is transformed into a cinema, the lights dim, the curtains close, the projector turns on and the surround sound system fires up. All you need to add is the popcorn!

Party time

Parties at your home are talk of neighbourhood! How long has it really taken you to set the right lighting in each room, light up the front and rear of the house, open the gate permanently set the same music in each room (but at different volumes), set the same channel on each TV and ensure the heating stays on well into the early hours? Don’t tell anyone but it was just one push of a button!